The slave trade in the Middle East is alive and well

These videos were filmed in 2011, which isn’t that long ago. The lives of these little boys meant nothing, but the camels, that was a different story. The camels represented their owners’ egos and greed, the little boys had nothing to offer apart from being light enough to ensure that the camels could go faster. They were even kept in place in their saddles with velcro.

Ron Gluckman_Laura Vanessa Nunes_Suicide at the Burj Khalifa_.jpg Photograph by Ron Gluckman

This horrific practice, has ended? Children have been replaced with robots. But slavery continues in the Middle East in many other forms, continues. The ‘hell’ that maids and construction workers have to go through, every day, just to try to support themselves and their families back home. When tourists visit these places they only see the shiny superficial veneer which hides the squalor in the hearts of the people that allow this to happen, including the governments. Most of these articles are not current but a lot of the practices continue.

The slave trafficking of maids. I remember one particularly bad incident which was reported by one of the independent news agencies in the UAE, 7days.uae. The poor maid had been subjected to abuse from her employers for years, including being locked outside on the balcony for days. And when eventually it wasn’t enough for the sadist ‘madame’, she poured acid down her throat. The maid died. The ‘madame’, went to court, most probably paid blood money to the maid’s family, and the ‘madame’ walks free. What about the maid? What about her life? She meant nothing!

Did Slavery Ever Stop in Arab Countries?












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