52 months after Laura’s death…

16 March 2019.

Fifty-two months since Laura died.

From my book, still to be finished and published.

‘After Laura died I asked her, “How am I meant to live?” And I begged her to fetch me…but she didn’t come, it wasn’t my time…but I was dead anyway…

It was my punishment to live.’

Today, it is fifty-two months since that tragic day that Laura decided to end her life. My own life also ended on that day. I became the living dead and my daily diet was grief and guilt, and so many questions, some now answered, and others that will remain with Laura.

I will not be blogging for the next three months as I try to take back my life from her and find the life I gave up on.

I’d like to thank everyone that has followed Laura’s story, and for supporting her website. She will never be forgotten.

I need to regain my strength, for my sons and for me, and I will be back on 16 June 2019. I keep saying that I will finish the book. I will. And the book that Laura wrote posthumously with what she left behind, Laura’s Voice WHISPERS from an ANGEL, will also be rewritten, creating the beautiful book that I always wanted it to be, a tribute to the memory of Laura. It was always meant to be the second book, but as I struggled to write the book about her death, I hurriedly put together her book, hence the need for a rewrite.

I’ve added a few pictures of Laura, memories of her, and also some photographs of my husband Rod, memories of him, who died twenty-nine days after Laura’s death, from terminal cancer.

Laura Vanessa Nunes_Suicide at the Burj Khalifa_Laura's Voice Whispers from an Angel_Leona Sykes 264

Laura on the Moonlight Sonata when my husband and I visited her in Dubai in 2008.

Laura Vanessa Nunes_Suicide at the Burj Khalifa_Laura's Voice Whispers from an Angel_Leona Sykes_ DSC04782 copy 2

Laura and I in Hout Bay, Cape Town, December 2012, our day out together stuck in the pattern of our relationship. One of the last photographs I have of her.

Laura Vanessa Nunes_Suicide at the Burj Khalifa_Laura's Voice Whispers from an Angel_Leona Sykes_10338718_10152412991003633_8615943799750282316_n copy 2

May 2014, Dubai. Laura was preparing to leave for Doha, Qatar.

Leona Sykes_IMG00207-20130202-1417

My husband, Rod and I, in happier times, February 2013.

Leona Sykes_DSC05718

Rod and I. Simons Town, Cape Town, 2013.

Leona Sykes_IMG_5705

Rod, 2014.


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