Laura Vanessa Nunes – Burj Khalifa’s best kept secret…

6 February 2019. In the early hours of this morning I found this comment under the video I made upon my return to South Africa from Dubai on 22 March 2015. I deleted it in early 2017 as I tried to continue with my life, but uploaded it once again, months later, as it is part of Laura’s story.

Thank you so much for your comment and to have been touched by Laura’s story.

“Dear Laura, you will always be beautiful and special. Your great strengths were remarkable and will always be. Everytime I picture you, I picture a strong woman that lived a great purpose. I see an inspiration. I see a lovely woman that TRIED her VERY BEST in life. We all have faults, and NO ONE IS PERFECT. It was a blessing knowing that you were born into this world. When I read the book about you I seen a woman that overcame many obstacles. I seen a hardworking and determined woman. A woman who I thought about ever since 2017. Your whole live means so much more than anyone can realize. I know we never met and wont ever but I love you and appreciate all the hard work you done in this life. Rest in peace Laura Vanessa Nunes. I mean that will always mean it. I love you.”


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