The only certainty in life is death…

“Goodbye my dark angel, my earth angel, my dear friend.

After Laura’s death, you were the voice on the other end of the phone, my lifeline. You would phone me every night at 18h00 and speak to me for an hour, your voice pushing me to life, when I wanted death to take me, but it wasn’t my turn.

In January it was my turn to look after you, but you lost that battle, and death fetched you in the early hours of Monday morning on 21st January. You didn’t want me to watch you die, not after Laura and Rod, and the night before, as you lay in the isolation ward in hospital, I said, “I will see you tomorrow,” and you said, “I won’t be here tomorrow.” Those were the last words we said to each other.

There is now a hollow place in me, which you used to fill. But in its place is the realisation that I am also worthy of life and it is time for me to do what I want to do, and to start making plans again, and to always remember that you were there for me in my darkest hours, keeping me alive.

We were a reflection of each other.

I will always love you, and will miss you forever…”

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