Laura’s missing Quran…

From Laura to the Islamic Centre in Dubai on August 10, 2012.

“You will be glad to know that I finally got a revelation as to what they mean in the Quran, by Jesus not dying, just the way it has been translated is not correct. I first read this in a Quran – The Noble Quran…Darussalam which was given to me! In this Quran it says that Jesus was not crucified, and another made to look like he died instead which for me is false.

 But generally I did not feel a connection with this particular Quran. But then I went to a mosque a month ago or so, like I was meant to go. After prayers I looked for another Quran amongst the Quran, and there were two Quran that stuck out! I looked and felt both of them and then finally chose one…was like a godsent Quran as I really connect to this one and enjoy reading it, and today the story of Jesus came to my mind again and made me look it up in this new Quran of mine.

 Called – the Qur’an M.A.S Abdel Haleem…parallel Arabic text by Oxford.

 After reading the piece here it makes perfect sense, the way it is explained in the other Quran is wrong (or mistranslated and misguided).

The translation is exactly what Catholics say, just interpreted differently but has the same meaning. The first Quran I mentioned, it states that another man that looked like Jesus was crucified, which is wrong.

 As we know, we are all made of both physical and non physical, (spirit),….so yes of course, even Catholics, we know that Jesus did not die in Spirit as he was raised immediately up to Heaven as God’s wish, and came back into his body after three days as a sign that God has the Power to give and take life!

 And this is what it says in the Quran, or the meaning, that man did not kill Jesus, it was only made to believe that they did, (the Romans), but actually God raised His Spirit up immediately unto Himself in Heaven!”

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