A poem from Mohammed Maktoum

From a poet of the desert. Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum – ruler of Dubai.

Laura loved Arab men, saying that they had great sensitivity. It is nice to see the other side of Maktoum.


As the night grew darker, my burdens increased,
Whilst those with restful minds slept in peace.

Together we relished the beauty of love,
Our hearts, without a plan, decided to meet.

As we parted, I started to yearn,
The weight of my affections, drowning each thought and emotion.

While she who has fired such passion within me,
Remains oblivious to my pain and suffering.

Losing my patience gives me no strength,
Yet leaving me, seems to give you more strength.

You, who have tested my patience, and left me without cure,
Spreading darkness during the day, dimming the sun’s rays.

You distanced yourself from our meeting points,
With my every step closer, you took one away.

Your heart still refuses me your love,
Amidst sleep and daydreams it floats and is forgotten.

O, you sublime one, this love I bear for you is not uncommon,
It has overwhelmed many before our time.

But we explained it in a poem,
So full of thoughts, it purified my love’s verse.

Preoccupied, she approached me near the spring,
So close yet so far, signalling me to leave.

There’s no difference whether we give in or not,
We are lost in our wishes and gained nothing at all.”

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