A poem from a poet of the desert


Her illusion appeared to me at a moment of despair,
It surprised and teased me; it brought me back to life.
Wonders of verse unveiled, through a yearning poet’s heart,
As I, among a sea of words, compose tunes and rhythms.


The finest knights I often challenge, only the best I race,
Victory mine in every round, the racecourse I dominate.

Instantly I remembered her, for whom my soul does thirst,
She is my everlasting dream, for her I write my verse.

As long as a winter’s mystical night, I’d like her hair to be,
A forest of utter blackness, as dim as darkest nights.

Her forehead possesses brilliance, not silver and not gold,
Cheeks as red as roses, without a garden glow.

One cheek portrays sunrise, the moment its light is seen,
Her other cheek is where the sun sets, as timidly it blushes.

Her brows’ enticing curve, every artist’s work surpasses,
Set above a pair of eyes, beyond human conception.

Sharp as a sword and raised in pride, I’d like her nose to be,
Her red lips are neatly pursed, lusciously they gleam.

Like two rows of pearl and coral, I’d like her teeth to be,
With every smile that she bestows, its brightness would blind me.

Her neck, as delicate as a gazelle gently leading her pack,
Resembling marble precisely carved, a being like no other.

Her beauty revives a blind man’s vision,
A dead man from his sleep would awaken.

Lashes as sharp as arrows, two armies in a battlefield,
Her eyes’ mystifying charm, a man’s life would steal.

A proud doe residing in a land, inhabited by no other,
During the hunt she captivates, as carefully she saunters.

Like the palm’s heart, a sacred jewel, her bosom brightly glistens,
When she drinks, droplets gleam as down her neck they travel.
Her youthful spirit vanquishes all tears,
A beauty before my eyes, by her name I am baffled.

A fragile being with a delicate waist,
As light as a feather is her gait.

She walks as one, who with joy is ecstatic,
He achieved beyond his dreams an expectation.

Like a tyrant she strolls, her victory yields oppression,
Oppressed and broken too, for her rights she battles.

Her scent intoxicates and stubborn as a mare,
She is calmed by none other than my rhymes and poems.

A wondrous story narrated over time,
Beyond all words her beauty does rise.

When upon her I set my eyes, to others I am oblivious,
From her vision I never bore, our love is continuous.

In her voice lies a bird’s song, the finest tune it exceeds,
From my beloved and my enemies, she distracts me indeed.
In length and in figure, she’s as delicate as a tree,
Within her you find meadows, springs and soft shade.

Upon her palms inscribed, are letters of my name,
Her heart’s path intersects with a lifetime in my embrace.

Towards horses and poetry, she’s as passionate as can be,
Like the ocean’s powerful waves, her flow defies me.

By chance she would appear, while I am unwary,
Mystifying, confusing me within love’s confounding grasp.

Upon her soul’s closeness the body thrives alive,
Also upon its nonexistence, the body would wither and die.

Soothingly, like cold water, she cures my thirsty heart,
But like fire she warms, on a bitter wintry night.

A healing balm to passion’s many ailments,
With a smile she dissolves the bitterness of times.

An unforgivable sin, an era yet to arrive,
Like the sun, she would rise and brighten up my life.
The bliss of all existence and love’s delightful joy,
For her sake I gift my life, upon her presence I live.

My comforting shade when I am estranged,
An enchanting drink from heavenly gardens.

A promise of life, with eternal happiness blessed,
My past’s sweet nostalgia, serenity of coming days.

The sound of her laughter suffuses me with joy,
For her, the birds would chant exhilarating tunes.

Her wrist as white as milk, when beneath her sleeve peeks,
Her cheeks plush like roses, her skin intensely glows.

She is my gleeful morning; she is my sleepless nights,
The dream of my tomorrow, a moment yet to arrive.

I am her aching prisoner, tightly bound by her chains,
The rightful judge she is, and errant tyrant too.

Every passing moment, for her presence I await,
Her name I dare not mention to those who wish us ill.
She is the heart’s sunshine, without eyes it can be seen,
She is the whisper of the soul, without ears it can be heard.

A wild mare from the desert, stubborn and resistant.
If one may dare draw near, in grief he would depart.

To a stranger’s call she pays no heed,
Every being she ignores, except for her beloved.

Wise and prudent I’d like her to be; a restless child too,
She is my constant savior if I may prosper or lose.

Fiercely as a tigress, she’d bare her teeth in anger,
Yet like a peaceful night, she’s as calm as can be.

Pleasant like honey, not found in richest homes,
Her scent is suffused with roses, fragrances, and perfumes.

Her soul for me would yearn; her heart for me does beat,
Without her loving shade, one may drown in need.

She is a moment of lust; she is an instance of faith,
She is the secret that breaks the soul, as repentance it craves.
Like a passionate desire, to one’s life she adds fire,
Painlessly she slays and burns without flames.

Every time we meet is like our first encounter,
Filled with sweet anxiety and profound emotions.

Baskets of colorful fruits she is, peaches and apples too,
Pomegranate and apricots, abundant without measure.

Like a garland of fragrant roses, radiating with color,
Her thorns she shields with petals that injure and wound.

An angel’s face she has, yet Satan’s whisper too,
Her mesmerizing beauty carries me to another world,

It surpasses a million dames, her figure so enticing,
Her eyes, beyond a million gazelles, in their charm entrancing.

She is the winning mare, upon whom my all I’d wager,
Like one who sacrificed his life for the sake of his lover.

She is the ecstatic moment for one who is deprived,
Spending days in sadness, in misery drowned.
A safe haven for the frightened; warmth for one who’s cold,
Within my heart she lives, for her I yearn and long.

Inside a cup she melts, like a cube of sweet sugar,
The taste of bitter coffee and pleasant desserts too.

In her splendor she is crowned, and rules my helpless heart,
In urban life and Bedouin tents, none like her is found.

Upon her sight, one shall lose his mind,
Insanely he’d wander among humankind.

As powerful as a great ruler, she defies time
With her eyes, her smile and blessed beautiful face.

Her heart for none but me would soften,
To her I’d soar if she would merely summon.

One would praise the Lord, if his eyes upon her did fall,
My lifetime by her side I’d spend, to God forever grateful.

Merciful upon my heart, others she resists like fire,
In her presence, I forget all, near it be or farther.
She reads my thoughts without a word uttered,
Needless to speak, we comprehend each other.

A wondrous being blessed with perfection,
None with her beauty may ever compare.

With her I am at peace, she defines humankind,
On Earth she is my heaven, deplete of youthful maidens.

With every song she sings, I melt within its tunes,
Infatuated by her charm, I soar to farthest realms.

Her voice and wondrous gaze captivate my world,
She greets me with a smile, my reflection in her eyes.

Like an exquisite statue, an image beyond existence,
A sensation one may feel upon the touch of cool rivers.

The moonlight she embodies, glowing on dim nights,
The nurturing sunlight too, guiding me in life.

She changes every instant, full of vibrant colors,
Random and unpredictable, as days are swapped with nights.
Every moment, like a shadow, she’d never leave my side,
She listens to every word I say, and longs for me forever.

Grateful she ought to be, insatiable and greedy too,
If kindness was bestowed upon her, she would pay no heed.

Deceitful, like a mirage within the desert she is,
Loyal and honest too, with loving faith she throbs.

A rainless cloud with lightening, and another with bountiful rain,
In kindness and benevolence, her guests she does embrace.

Like one repenting from her sins, praying for forgiveness,
As fervently tears of regret, down her cheek may fall.

Lighting up a traveler’s path, she is his guiding star,
If hid among the night’s dark clouds, from his path he’d wander.

Like honor she is, in its name blood is shed,
Against harm, by a sword, it shall be protected.

Untamed and ferocious, yet calm and patient too,
She is the sands of desert dunes, carried forth by winds.
When she sings, the trees would sway,
Her musical voice takes my breath away.

An illusion within darkness, a mass of vague smoke,
But like a fierce fire, in flames she would explode.

Her fairness like snow desired by most,
Red as scorching coal, many for her do lust.

Unexpectedly, she enters one’s heart,
Like predestined fate she appears in his life.

Like a black cloak, her alluring hair cascades,
Beyond all garb, it adorns her in abundance.

Her kind is rare; none like her has ever been born,
To the Seven Wonders, her existence adds one more.

She is my shielding sky, the land of my contentment,
Buried deep within volcanic mounts, she is a golden treasure.

A noble being who many serve with passion,
With her they find faith, good deeds are preserved.
Guarded by a snake, hidden treasure within a lair,
Alas the fate to befall one who dares to touch it.

A pampered child I’d like her to be, no siblings share her worth,
For the sake of this valuable being, a father would give his all.

Her body is a work of art as dazedly she’d sway,
Her soul’s beauty emanates a halo of light and faith.

She is my vision’s delight, resented by other women,
If jealousy does kill indeed, she would remain indifferent.

Rare among humanity, from her I cannot refrain,
Nations of many kingdoms her worth can’t compensate.

With every passing hour, more beautiful she grows,
Day and night she changes form, at all times delightful.

When I am content, with happiness she soars,
Upon my face a smile she draws, even in times of woe.

Victory’s flag she is, feared by bravest men,
Petrified as well, like one who is in danger.
In her greed, she’s a symbol of deprivation,
Yet in her benevolence, with amnesty she gleams.

As delicate as a little lamb, her innocence is seen,
Yet as powerful as a wolf her actions do speak.

Deep within my heart, I would like her to reside,
Nurtured by my veins, for my sake she would thrive.

Locked in her embrace at home I would like to be,
In solitude and peace, she’d keep me company.

My sole eternal ally, among all humankind,
My poetic inspiration, the title of my verse.

She’s the one I desire, yet I know not who she is,
But if she knows my path, what more would I desire?”

Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum

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